Knights of Tethyr

Battle of The Collection Room

The Knights of Tethyr were squared off against male human cultist Adrick Demolith and his fellow female Tiefling cultists Svatlana Sharn and Delista Mohn. A huge Barbed Devil named Gollarach was also protecting the room. Adrick’s familiar, the imp Telmik, was also in the room although he was mostly invisible and difficult to spot.

Each round on his turn Adrick Demolith was manipulating some sort of controls of an arcane device on a raised dais connected to a machine. The machine was pumping green liquid into one side of a dead human woman’s body and pumping out a blue liquid on the other side and collecting it in vials. Adrick would pull a lever and one of the blue vials would drain away and the stone pillars attached to the dais would glow with infernal runes. Pink liquid would then pour out of the pillars in 4 streams. Each stream formed into a grotesque pink devilish creature called a Lemure. The Lemures looked like pink blobs with roughly humanoid features like a head and claws. Each round for 3 rounds Adrick brought 4 more lemures into the room in this manner from the machine creating 12 in all. The lemures were easy to hit and had few hit points but a round after they went down their hellish rejuvenation would bring them back up to full strength. So they were difficult to deal with.


Svatlana Sharn was the first of the female tiefling cultists to be seen. She had four horns coming out of her head and had been working on something in the adjacent eastern room that had left her face and robes splattered in blood. Later the party searched the room and found a number of posed dead preserved creatures. These specimens were clearly part of the collection and included a cockatrice, a mind flayer, a hobgoblin, and a freshly killed unicorn. It seemed most likely that Svatlana had been covered in unicorn blood.


The other female tielfing entered the room a round into the battle. Delista Mohn came into the room from the western door. She carried with her a huge chalice filled with some sort of blood. She took a large drought from it before entering the battle and laughed as the blood dripped down her chin and onto her cleavage. The room was later searched and found a strange coffin like metal tank containing the body of a human man with his face quite visible through a pane of glass in the tank. Some sort of machine was pumping liquid out of the tank and filling a large vat which is where the knights believed Delista had filled her chalice.


All three cultists had a number of spells at their disposal which they repeatedly cast upon the knights. Hold person, inflict wounds, sacred flame, and command were most often employed. But wisdom and a good deal of luck was on the side of the knights on this day and they were able to shake off most of the effects and not fall prey to the fell infernal magic. Sir Bruce was able to use his channel divinity to call on the power of Tyr to Turn the Unholy on the fiends in the room. Four of the Lemures and Telmik were frightened by the power of Tyr and ran away from Sir Bruce. They were unable to fight and only came back into the fight 10 rounds later after a minute had passed and the duration of the turn was up. Octavius used his different Chanel Divinity Power to speak a prayer of denouncement upon Gollarach. This abjured the enemy fixing him in his spot and not allowing him to move and also overcoming him with fear. In this frightened state Gollarach could still fight but all his attacks were at disadvantage. So for most of the battle he wound up hurling flame at Octavius or Sir Bruce. This really helped keep many of the devils at bay and was a key to The Knights of Tethyr Victory. Sir Bruce also knew well that these devils were all immune to fire, but the human and tielfing cultists were not. He blew up two fireballs from Inferno – The Spear of Immolation that played a major role in slaying the cultists.


After each fireball went off, Adrick Demolith was badly burned and hurt but he jumped off the dais to the part of the machine with the green liquid filled glass tubes. He pulled the tubing off of the machine and drank the green liquid. As he did so, Adrick’s wounds vanished. It appeared that the liquid had powerful healing properties. Sir Bruce’s armor and shield had protected him from most killing blows as he was swarmed by the lemures and bathed in flame by the cultists and Gollarach. But his wounds had added up. When Sir Bruce finally attacked Gollarach head on, he released him from his frightened state of abjurement brought on by Octavius’ channel divinity. Free from the effect, Gollarach unleashed his full complement of attacks. A claw, claw, spiked tail triple attack that laid Sir Bruce low. Octavius bravely filled the breach and fought Gollarach toe to toe while standing over Sir Bruce’s body which was rapidly bleeding out.


Octavius fought bravely and cut deep into Gollarach with TitanCleaver – The Green Scythe. But with Sir Bruce down and the duration of his turn the unholy completed, the invisible Telmik finally appeared behind Octavius and drove his poisoned stinger right into the back of the brave knight. As the poison coursed though his body, Octavius continued to press the attack against Gollarach thinking his only chance was to cut down the creature before it could do any more harm. Max also helped by moving into a flanking position behind Gollarach and giving Octavius advantage on his attacks. Max himself was able to sink his teeth into the devil and drag him off his feet. But Gollarach got up quickly and after some additional hits, Octavius’ wounds were too great. So he decided to bring Sir Bruce back into the fight by pouring a healing potion down his throat.

Sir Bruce got up and delivered two definitive blows the Gollarach finally laying him low. Octavius cut down the imp Telmik but there were still the 4 lemures to deal with who had previously fled the fight after being turned by Sir Bruce. After trading some blows, they too were destroyed.

With the battle won, the Knights of Tethyr searched the Collection Room. There they found a macabre collection of dead bodies lovingly and beautifully preserved. A troll, mer folk, hobgoblin, pig, wolf, cockatrice, mind flayer, dryad, and many more strange creatures were part of the collection. They were posed in different positions and looked like they were alive. But they were cold and dead. The Knights shook their heads. The diabolical machine connected to the corpse of the human woman had healed Adrick Demolith when he had drank from it. Sir Bruce sniffed at it and taste a bit on his tongue. It tasted very much like a potion of healing but even stronger. He hesitated for a moment gazing upon the ravaged corpse of the human woman attached to the machine but then drank from the tube. He felt his strength return as all of his wounds vanished. Octavius followed suite and with all of their wounds healed, they filled 4 empty potion bottle with the remaining blue liquid. This resulted in 2 potions of greater healing for each Knight.

In a library section of the room there were all manner of books about devils, summoning, preserving bodies, potion making, and other works. There was also a special section which included a book describing each creature in the collection, who they were and where they were from. A complete history of how the creature had come to be in the Collection. Mixed in with the many potions of components and reagents, the Knights found the following potions: invulnerability, longevity, and speed. Some spell scrolls were also recovered including scrolls of bless, command, zone of truth, lesser restoration, remove curse, and revivify. The Master Treasure List was updated.

At full strength and knowing time was of the essence if they were to have a chance of saving any more of the prisoners especially Sir Bentley Dunlavey, who Blix had said had just been removed from the prison, the two knights decided not to take any rest but to press on. Adrick Demolith, Delista Mohn, and Svatlana Sharn were each wearing a cold black iron pentagram necklace with an emerald in the center. The knights hoped this would open one of both of the final two doors in the main chamber.



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