Knights of Tethyr

Into the Secret Temple

What New Deviltry is This?


The Clockwork Abomination was a thing of metal, gears, steam and something else… hatred and evil fueled by the infernal being trapped within it. It began by spewing forth a cone of super heated steam that cooked the very skin of Sir Bruce and Octavius. The Knights of Tethyr battled back, hacking at it with their enchanted blades and axes. With mechanical precision and the strength of pistons and gears, it bit at the knights with sharp mandibles and used its telescoping claws to grab hold of their bodies and smash them up against the walls and pin them there as it crushed the life out of them. Sir Bruce hacked and hacked at the arm of the beast with Talon until he cut through it. He then closed to attack the main body of the creature. Octavius had the reach to swing at the main body of the creature while still pinned. It was a hard fought battle but at last the creature slumped to the ground and its infernal engine went dark.

The Knights healed their wounds with spells and laying of hands. A quick search using detect magic revealed a scroll tube hidden in a bookcase that contained a spell scroll of bless. A locked chest in an adjacent bedroom was forced open with a crowbar to reveal 2 Potions of Healing and 2 Potions of Greater Healing. It also contained 4 necklaces that radiated magic. They were a leather cord attached to a wrought iron pentagram with a topaz gem set in the center of the pentagram. All of the necklaces radiated magic as well as the gold rune covered circle that Bressard Montaine was standing in before he vanished. Using a spell scroll of Identify, Sir Bruce discovered that the necklaces were keys to the teleportation circle and also keys to some sort of doors.

The Knights of Tethyr found the door at the bottom of the stairs in the observatory was locked. Sir Bruce smashed the door in with his plated boot and the two searched the rest of the observatory. They were hoping to find the guards and Persephone Montaine to question them. But they had left the building and were nowhere to be found. So Sir Bruce called Max to his side and he put one of the necklaces around the dog’s neck. Sir Bruce and Octavius also each put on one of the necklaces. One by one they stood in the center of the golden ring and touched the topaz gem, teleporting them away to some unknown destination.

Sir Bruce was first and found himself in a place of total and complete darkness. Bruce held Talon aloft and willed it to shed bright light. The faerie light lit up a stone hallway. Bruce was standing in an identical golden rune encrusted circle on a black marble stone floor. A passageway led a short distance to a large stone door with a carved pentagram set into it. A moment later Max and Octavius came through. Octavius suggested they push the pentagram necklace into the indentation in the door. It seemed to be the right size and in fact fit perfectly. After it was pulled out, the door slid open revealing a room with a pool of water, a wardrobe, 2 nasty looking statues of devils, a stone altar with dried blood, and 5 more doors with a similar locking mechanism.


A search of the wardrobe revealed men’s and women’s adult sized clothing of a style that might be found in The Village of Tommen. Black robes of similar sizes were also found in the wardrobe. The statues were carved from stone and looked to be depicting devils but the knights were unable to ascertain which sort of devils. The water appeared to be safe for drinking and was only about 10 feet deep but seemed to be fed by some sort of fresh water source. The stone altar was sloped in a concave fashion so that blood would flow down and collect in a vessel below it. But that vessel had been removed and nothing remained but some dried blood on the stone surface of the altar. Again, the 2 knights could not discern from the symbols to what religion the altar belonged but it was clearly evil and most likely infernal.

The deepest central door was tried to be opened first, but the topaz pentagram necklaces seemed to have no effect. The door would not open like the one they had already opened. The next two doors in yielded similar results. They did not open. But the next door they tried to the north did open. And it revealed a sight which made both knights feel uncomfortable and in a strange way. A large golden statue dominated the center of this room with 2 infernal creatures draped over it languidly. Sir Bruce instantly recognized the statue as that of Lady Fierna, queen of hell. The creatures were Whore Devils of Fierna, who looked at the knights hungrily.


Sir Bruce yelled out to Octavius to tell him what they were dealing with. The Whore Devils were beautiful yet extremely deadly with claws that dripped with poison. Sir Bruce pulled out his holy symbol of Tyr and boldly strode into the room where he saw another three whore devils bringing the unholy total to 5 of the infernal creatures. One of the whore devils had a decapitated human head gripped in its claws. It was not clear what she had been doing but she was wiping blood from the corners of her lips.


In the Name of Tyr Sir Bruce censured the Whore Devils and attempted to turn them. Three of the creatures were frightened by the pure good of Tyr exhibited by the paladin before them. They turned and flapped their wings, flying into the corner of the room trying to get as far away from Sir Bruce as possible. Sir Bruce also quaffed a vial of anti-toxin to help protect himself from the poisonous claws of the creatures. Octavius cast a protection from evil spell upon himself making any of the whore devil’s attacks against him at disadvantage.


Three of the whore devils cowered in the corner of the room while the other two hurtled towards the two knights on their bat like wings. Razor sharp poisonous claws raked at Sir Bruce as the two Whore Devils did fly by attacks on him. For the most part Sir Bruce’s armor and shield kept the she devils at bay but he did receive a few scratches and could feel the poison seeping through his system. Luckily his immune system was bolstered by the anti-toxin and he shook off the effects of the poison. The two knights pressed the attack against the turned whore devils taking them on one by one. They chose not to give chase to the two whore devils who had maneuvered past them after the flyby attacks and slipped out of the room. Instead, they used their amulet to shut the door and seal them outside of the room. Their hope was to be able to focus on the turned Whore Devils and deal with the rest later.

Unfortunately that was not to be. A little while later while they were still battling the turned Whore Devils, the door slid back open and in rushed 5 human cultists and the two Whore Devils who had fetched them.


The Knights of Tethyr were in a bad way. The Devil Cultists led by Magda Mallory and Seren Shay cast command spells attempting to make the knights grovel, hold person spells to fix them in place, sacred flame spells to immolate them in fire, and inflict wounds spells to bathe them in necrotic energy. One of the male cultists, Kraven Bell, charged forward with a large mace but before he could swing it at Octavius, TitanCleaver – The Green Scythe hewed him in twain at the mid section. The cultist fell dead at Octavius’ feet. The two Whore Devils who had returned now carried spears. They licked the tip of the spears coating them with some unholy substance and hurled them at the Knights. In addition to regular damage, the spears caused infernal festering wounds.


The knights were lucky to save against most of the effects and were still in the battle but it did not look good. Sir Bruce thought that desperate times called for desperate measures. He gripped the black cold iron of Inferno – The Spear of Immolation and pointed it in the center of the room. He unleashed an empowered fireball and it exploded to great effect killing two of the cultists and gravely wounding the others. Many of the Whore Devils were bathed in flame as well, but they were completely unaffected by it, protected by their infernal immunity to fire.


The remaining cultists regrouped and rallied successfully trapping Octavius in a hold person spell. Unable to move and open to critical hits, the Whore Devils pounced on him. His protection from evil continued to thwart their attacks and only a few got through. But he would not last long against the onslaught. Sir Bruce unleashed another fireball from the Inferno – The Spear of Immolation. This one killed all the remaining cultists. And it broke the hold spell freeing Octavius to attack once more and protect himself.


From there it was the two knights battling the remaining Whore Devils. At this time both knights were warded by protection from evil spells which greatly improved their defenses. But one of the whore devils managed to hit Sir Bruce with an enveloping embrace grapple attack. She basically leaped on Sir Bruce and wrapped her arms and legs around his upper body and held on tightly. This was followed by a virulent kiss attack that Sir Bruce luckily managed to avoid by turning his head at the last moment. Octavius then cut the creature from Sir Bruce to free him. It was a long battle but finally all of the Whore Devils lay dead.


Searching the dead cultists, Sir Bruce found each of them was wearing a similar necklace with the cold iron pentagram and the topaz gem set in the center. However, Magda Mallory and Seren Shay were wearing necklaces that looked identical except they had sapphires set into them instead of topaz gems. The door to the south was open and revealed a guard room of sorts with living quarters for the cultists. A chest inside had 250 GP in odd coinage in pouches and 3 Potions of Healing and 2 Potions of Greater Healing. The Master Treasure List was updated.


The two knights retreated back through the portal to the Observatory where they rested for 1 hour binding their wounds and praying to their gods for strength against the unholy foes that were certainly waiting for them to return.



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