Captain Flense Shagath

Illithid Captain of The Plundering Madness


Mind Flayer Underdark Pirate


Flense captain’s The Plundering Madness with his crew of Dodrak Darkwhisper, the first mate, Mica Granitegrinder, galleymaster Kern of Clan Gerr, and a crew of Grimlock Thralls. The party encountered the mind flayer pirate aboard his ship in the underdark. They battled him in a deadly encounter where the mind flayer almost sucked out the brain of Octavius Mort. But the two knights rallied and Flense knew he was outmatched. He teleported away and escaped but survived the encounter. Later the Kinghts of Tethyr burned Flense’s ship The Plundering Madness and burned it, only keeping one of the lifeboats on the other side of the gate in Tommen’s Salt Mines.

Sir Bruce recovered Flense’s Captain’s Log to find:
It was Skarloch who had reached out to Captain Flense Shagath. The two had met 20 years ago when Skarloch was summoned by a drow wizard and was bound to a task that included the help of Captain Flense Shagath and the crew of The Plundering Madness. Skarloch apparently had a new human master now and contacted Captain Flense 3 weeks ago through a magical sending to broker a deal for his help. The Plundering Madness sailed to a secret cove known by both Skarloch and Flense that they had used together during their previous work with the drow. There they found Skarloch and a magical teleportation circle he had crafted that led to the salt mines of Tommen. Skarloch negotiated a contract with Captain Flense. The ten grimlocks and 3 trolls were used by Skarloch to secure the salt mines and capture 9 humans. Captain Flense had 6 of them and Skarloch took 3 of them away to some other location. From the journal writings it appears that Captain Flense Shagath was planning to harvest the brains of the humans and use the blocks of solid Tommen Pink Salt in a special process that turned them into salted brains. Apparently this is an exquisite delicacy for mind flayers. Captain Flense was planning on making huge profits selling the salted brains in Oryndoll. He had also collected some trade goods from Mzfelt that he was planning on selling as well.

Captain Flense Shagath

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