Dame Claire Brinewind

Female Knight of Twin Falls Keep


A young woman with light and wispy blond hair that streams down and around her black plate armor. Her slight frame is deceiving as she moves like water in her platemail and delivers mighty blows with her keen longsword.



Dame Claire Brinewind is a knight of Twin Falls Keep under the command of Duke Eltan Falconhand. She has earned top honors due to her keen wit and quick thinking. The Duke has named her captain of the stronghold and his second in command. Dame Claire has earned the respect of all the knights of the keep and takes her duties as captain very seriously.

Sir Bruce of Avalon jousted against Dame Claire in Duke Eltan’s tournament. The pair were the last two knights standing at the end of the day. Sir Bruce barely edged her out in order to win the day. She was a mighty opponent.


Dame Claire Brinewind

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