Dodrak Darkwhisper

Derro 1st mate of The Plundering Madness - deceased


Short 4 foot tall humanoid in black plate armor beautifully etched with purple filigree, pentagrams, and goat heads. His smooth dark blue skin is contrasted by his shock of white hair and long braided mustache. A deadly looking black spear etched with purple flame is gripped tightly in one small hand and his pale white pupiless eyes seem to stare right through you both in a very unsettling manner.


The party met Dodrak aboard The Plundering Madness, the Underdark Pirate ship. Dodrak was the first mate of the ship under Captain Flense Shagath. He wielded the mighty spear Inferno – The Spear of Immolation. It was on the main deck of The Plundering Madness in which Sir Bruce and Octavius battled the derro shadow antipaladin and slew him. The first impression he made was quite something:

The small knight like creature began to speak in a condescending and mocking tone, ‘So holy men have come aboard The Plundering Madness.’ The knight gave a little bow and a formal salute. ‘My name is Dodrak Darkwhisper.’ Dodrak paused looking Sir Bruce and Octavius up an down before continuing in an even harsher tone, ‘Tyr the Just God? Just Queer more like… And Hoar the Doombringer? Son of a Whore I say. ’ Dodrak Darkwhisper jeered at the two knights as he began to shake and his eyes widened with the look of madness. ’The Black Goat of the Woods is the only true god! Renounce your false idols or be sacrificed to His Holy Shadow.’

Dodrak Darkwhisper

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