Duchess Fiona Falconhand

Wife of Duke Eltan and Mistress of Twin Falls Keep


Human Female Noblewoman who looks very young and very beautiful. Her long light brown hair cascades down around her slim frame. Her deep brown eyes speak of innocence and virtue. Her fine silken gown is magnificently tailored to enhance her beauty. Fiona speaks with a soft a calming voice.


The Duchess is the wife of Duke Eltan of Twin Falls Keep. She lives there with the Duke. The two were married 5 years ago just before Duke Eltan was awarded the command of the Keep by King Haedrak. Coming from a noble family, the marriage was arranged and was beneficial to both families in terms of lands and status. However, the Duke and his wife both seem quite content with the pairing and have a true attraction and love for one another.

The Duchess has a close friend in Lady Lymera, who is her confidant. The two were friends since their childhood. Fiona convinced Duke Eltan to hire Lymera on to help protect the keep with her magics and bring some academic acumen to a place that was mostly filled with warriors.

Fiona watched Sir Bruce of Avalon win the day at the tournament her husband hosted at the keep. At the following dinner, the Duchess asked Sir Bruce to deliver a sealed letter to her cousin, Sir Bentley Dunlavey who had traveled to The Village of Tommen to pursue some business interests. Sir Bruce agreed to seek out Sir Bentley and deliver the sealed letter for The Duchess.


Duchess Fiona Falconhand

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