Duke Eltan Falconhand

Lord of Twin Falls Keep


A human knight wearing regal full plate armor finely crafted into the form of a falcon on his right shoulder. His armor is accented by a long flowing crimson cloak. The Duke is young and handsome with black hair, black eyes, and a large strong frame.


Duke Eltan is the Lord of Twin Falls Keep. There he and his men protect Tethyr from the those who would use the King’s Road to move deeper into the realm. Duke Eltan is married to Duchess Fiona who also lives with him Twin Falls Keep.

Sir Bruce of Avalon met the Duke on his way through Twin Falls Keep. The Duke invited him to participate in a tournament he was hosting. Sir Bruce actually was th ebest knight on the day and won the tournament earning The Chalice of the Sun as a prize.

The Duke explained his frustration that due to his shortage of men he was unable to patrol the lands north of the Keep. King Haedrak has tied his hands and commanded him to focus all his efforts on defense of the keep so he can spare no men.

He warned Sir Bruce that he has had reports of goblins and wargs coming out of the Starspire mountains. He is concerned over the missing folk in The Village of Tommen. He has met Bressard Montaine and his daughter Persephone. They are good people, pillars of intelligence within the community. The Duke wished Sir Bruce well on his quest and decreed that he would always be welcome to return to Twin Falls Keep.


Duke Eltan Falconhand

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