Felicity Briarpatch

Druid of the Standing Stones


A young human female with long Red Hair. She looks to be about 20 years of age. Her piercing green eyes look cautiously around.


Felicity Briarpatch is a druid who is living at the Standing Stones on the outskirts of The Village of Tommen. Some folk claim she is a witch but many villagers come to see her to purchase herbs and potions, heal their sick children or farm animals, or to get advice on the weather for planting crops.

Felicity hid when first approached by Sir Bruce. But the presence of her brother Kip brought her out of hiding. When Sir Bruce showed her Talon and spoke to her in sylvan and described his encounters with Willow and The Lady of the Lake, she began to trust him.

Felicity can craft the following potions:
Potion of Animal Friendship – Uncommon – 200 GP
Potion of Climbing – Common – 100 GP
Potion of Fire Breath – Uncommon – 500 GP
Potion of Hill Giant Strength – Uncommon – 400 GP
Potion of Healing – Common – 50 GP
Potion of Greater Healing – Uncommon – 100 GP
Potion of Poison – Uncommon – 500 GP
Potion of Resistance – Uncommon – 200 GP
Potion of Water Breathing – Uncommon – 200 GP


Felicity Briarpatch

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