Redeemed Chained Angel - Angel of Torm


Godrick’s wings were still feathered but his eyes betrayed his great thirst for blood and infernal rage. Cold Black Iron chains and shackles with infernal runes gave away Godrick’s forced servitude. His halo was pure black and his skin flayed away from his muscle surrounding the infernal shackles.


Godrick was an angel of Torm who had been captured by devils. He was tortured, broken, put in chains and forced to serve evil. He was guarding a prison in a devil cult temple with Barakas, a chain devil when the Knights of Tethyr encountered him. Sir Bruce and Octavius fought him but hoped that there was still good in him. They pulled their blows and attacked with the flats of their weapons in an effort to knock out and subdue Godrick. They were successful and after he went down, they used an infernal key they found on Barakas to remove his cold iron chains. Then they healed him to bring him back to consciousness and saw Godrick’s eyes slowly loose their infernal glow and turn pure solid white and his halo turn from black to gold.

Godrick thanked the two knights profusely. He provided 70 HP of lay on hands healing amongst them and departed to return to the seat of his lord Torm by plane shifting into the 7 Heavens.



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