Laska Jendelle

Human Female Rogue - Party NPC


Tall human female with black hair in her early twenties wearing functional but well tailored Sembian garb. She prefers leather pants and shirts with an exposed midriff. She is quick and dextrous and knows how to fight well with an array of exotic weapons including a whip, net, and rapier.


Laska is a Sembian rogue adventurer who grew up on the mean streets of Saerloon, port city on the Sea of Fallen Stars. She worked for a Sembian mercantile company and was charged with protecting its commercial interests from pirates and thieves. She ran security for warehouses, ran operations to keep the thieves guild out of the company’s affairs, and other special missions. One such recent mission was running protection for a trade delegation that was trying to bring Tommen Salt to Sembia. This led to investigating the problems with the mine. Skarloch and his trolls attacked her and her men. Four of them were killed and 3 of them were captured. The captives were brought to the devil cult secret temple. Two of these captives were ritualistically killed by the cultists right before Sir Bruce and Octavius wiped out the cult and saved Laska from certain unholy death. She owes the knight’s her life.

Laska put forth a proposition to Sir Bruce and Octavius. In exchange for an equal 1/3 share of the treasure recovered from their adventures, Laska agreed to join their company and fight by their side.

Laska Jendelle

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