Louisa Little

Tommen Midwife and Town Elder


Louisa has long raven black hair and piercing green eyes. She typically wears a tight leather corset over a white bodice that accentuates her ample bosom. She is often barefoot and prefers to wear greens and browns.


Louisa came to The Village of Tommen from Castle Tethyr 10 years ago to help the village after a rash of infant mortality had swept through the town. Louisa met John Little, married the huge muscular farmer, and took his last name. Louisa seems very smart and contrasts the rather dim-witted reputation of her husband. Although Louisa is wonderful to look at, men’s eyes never linger too long lest they raise the ire of John Little. It is Louisa’s smarts and her extensive book learning that brought her to the council of elders. She has helped Tommen tremendously both by bringing little babies into the world in full health and by helping to lead the community with the council.

Louisa Little

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