Lady Lymera

Human Female Wizard - Mage of Twin Falls Keep


A lovely woman with flowing brown hair. She always seems to have a sly look about her. She has a penchant for wearing rather revealing clothing.


Lymera is a friend of Duchess Fiona and was hired by her to protect Twin Falls Keep with her magic. She keeps Duke Eltan well informed with divination magics. Lymera has many books and has created quite an extensive library within the keep for her studies.

Sir Bruce of Avalon met Lady Lymera on his journey through Twin Falls Keep. During the night of his first stay in the keep, Sir Bruce saw something sneaking through the keep late at night towards the stables. He cautiously approached hearing grunting and signs of a struggle. Grabbing a torch he burst into the stables only to find Lady Lymera engaged in some rather compromising positions with Sven the Stableboy. All were a bit embarrassed and Sir Bruce made his apologies going back to bed. He was quite discreet about the incident mentioning nothing about it to anyone else at the Keep. The next day Lady Lymera watched Sir Bruce win the jousting tournament. Having won The Chalice of the Sun, a family heirloom from the Duke, in the tourney, Bruce convinced Lady Lymera to help him identify the magical properties of the chalice which turned out to be significant.

Lady Lymera asked Sir Bruce to be on the lookout for any interesting plants during his journey. She gifted him a book of herbology with notes on what in particular she is looking for. If he finds anything of interest, he is to take a sample, note where he found it and return to Twin Falls Keep to deliver the samples to Lady Lymera.

Sir Bruce in fact found some interesting samples in the dark wood. He brought a sample from a tree that seemed to bleed human blood as well as a number of samples from plant creatures that attacked him. Lady Lymera thanked him and said that she would study the samples and let him know what she finds.


Lady Lymera

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