Sabrina Thirston

Daughter of Sir Jack Thirston and former lover of Octavius


Sabrina Thirston grew up in and amongst her father Sir Jack Thirston‘s war band around Waterdeep and The North. She was never a fighter but helped tend to the wounded and traveled extensively with her father and his men. Sabrina loves birds and had a particular affinity to them. They seemed drawn to her and she would often train them. She fell in love with one of her father’s knights, Octavius Mort and the two had a secret romance for years, both of them knowing that Octavius could not ask her father for her hand in marriage because he was not of noble birth. Recently she traveled with her father and Octavius to the Kingdom of Tethyr where her father’s warband has been helping King Haedrak battle Pirate raiders from the Nelanther Isles. In order to solidify his relationship with the king, Sir Jack Thirston married Sabrina to a wealthy Tethyrian Prince named Sir Mallory Marsdale. Octavius and Sabrina have not seen each other since. This caused a major fallout between Jack Thirston and Octavius forcing him to leave his employ. In their final meeting, Sabrina gifted Octavius a wild black raven that they had trained together. He cares for the bird deeply as it reminds him of his lost love Sabrina.

Octavius found that Sir Mallory Marsdale and Sabrina had established a logging camp deep in the Wealdath to log timbers for ship building in the war effort of King Haedrak against the Nelanther pirates. However Sabrina had been kidnapped from the logging camp by The Piper and the logging camp had been destroyed by Graldrog The Mighty.

The party destroyed Graldrog The Mighty and freed Sir Mallory Marsdale but Sabrina’s whereabouts are still unknown.


Sabrina Thirston

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