Sir Geoffrey Marigold

Knight of Twin Falls Keep


Sir Geoffrey wears the green and white colors of his family house, the noble Tethyrian family of Marigold. He is proud of his noble birth but seems to get along well with everyone.


Sir Geoffrey is the third son of the Marigold Family. His brother Eric is first born and is in line to inherit his father’s castle and lands. Sir Geoffrey fought alongside Duke Eltan Falconhand under the banner of King Haedrak in a war that defended Tethyr against Amnian aggression from the north. Geoffrey pledged his sword to the Duke and followed him home to Twin Falls Keep. There he serves the Duke as gatekeeper and master of the bridges.

Sir Bruce of Avalon jousted with Sir Geoffrey in a tournament held by Duke Eltan at Twin Falls Keep. Sir Bruce surprised Sir Geoffrey with his shield bashing technique which he used to unhorse him and knock the knight to the ground several times.


Sir Geoffrey Marigold

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