Sir Mallory Marsdale

Wealthy Tethyrian Noble Married to Sabrina Thirston


Sir Mallory Marsdale is a wealthy nobleman in the court of King Haedrak of Thethyr. He resides in Castle Thethyr and is in the King’s inner circle. He recently married Sabrina Thirston, daughter of Sir Jack Thirston, a Waterdavian Noble and Warlord bringing the two families together and strengthening their relationship.

Sir Mallory has recently led an expedition into the forests of The Wealdath in search of high quality timbers for King Haedrak. The Timbers are to be used in the crafting of warships to fight the pirates that have been plaguing the coastal settlements of Tethyr.

It seems some of the choicest timber is within an area of the forest considered home to Graldrog The Mighty and his hobgoblin war band. About a year ago Mayor Thadius Moonsong of the nearby town of Oakhurst had negotiated a treaty with the hobgoblins that had kept the peace between them. But Sir Mallory’s logging activities have threatened that peace.

When the Knights of Tethyr visited the logging camp they found it devastated and destroyed. People and animals had been slaughtered by Graldrog The Mighty and his hobgoblin war band.

Sir Mallory Marsdale

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