Tabitha Jensen

Fur Trapper and Town Elder in Tommen


Decked out in heavy furs, Tabitha certainly looks the part of a furrer/trapper. At first glance one mistake her for a barbarian of some kind, but upon closer inspection one would see her furs are kept very clean and tidy. Tabitha’s face is stern and hard, she clearly spends more time in the wilds than with people. Her trademark cloak of elk hide typically billows behind her as she moves purposefully about Tommen.


Tabitha grew up in The Village of Tommen. Her mother and father were travelers passing through as part of a trade caravan when they caught ill and died. Orion Endar, owner of The End of the Road Inn took Tabitha in. She took to the forest quickly from a young age and seemed to have an insatiable wanderlust. It is said she knows the lands around Tommen like the back of her hand. She earns good coin selling beaver, deer, elk, badger, wolf, and fox hides to the residents of Tommen and those passing through. She sits on the council of elders primarily to keep them informed of any dangers lurking in the surrounding lands.

Tabitha Jensen

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