The Lady of the Lake

A Fey Creature who gifted Bruce with a magic sword


A fey nymph whose beauty is so great that Sir Bruce had to avert his eyes to avoid going blind by merely beholding her.


In order to thank Sir Bruce of Avalon for his service to the Fey of the Wood, Willow, the dryad, brought him to a small lake deep in the forest. There she bid him to wade into the waters. As he did so, Willow sang an ethereal sounding song, the water and the air suddenly seemed to come alive. Vibrant colors exploded into Sir Bruce’s eyes and sweet melodic sounds to his ears. Undulating mists rose off the warm waters. And up from the depths of the lake rose a female figure holding a sword. As she approached Sir Bruce and came into focus, he had to look away as her naked body was too beautiful to behold without going blind. But he could feel her presence as her body got close to his and he could feel her holding the sword aloft for him to grasp.

As soon as he grasped the hilt of Talon, thousands of memories flooded his consciousness. Fey Lords crafting the blade, the sword passing from one mighty hero of antiquity to the next. Sir Bruce stood in awe unable to move as The Lady of the Lake placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. The contact with her skin exploded through his very being filling him with sensory overload. He stood quivering, sword in hand, as the Lady slowly moved away sinking back beneath the waves.

Suddenly the music of Willow’s song vanished and Sir Bruce was standing alone in a normal looking lake. It was as if he had just awakened from a deep trance. Sir Bruce sheathed his new sword and climbed up the bank and out of the water to find Max and Leadbelly waiting patiently for him. There was no sign of Willow or the Lady of the Lake.


The Lady of the Lake

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