Dryad Concerned about the Blight


Female Dryad – first appeared in the form of a little girl petting Max. Later she revealed her true form – that of a beautiful dryad with green skin.


Appearing to Sir Bruce of Avalon as a young human girl she gained his confidence and got him to help her.

Willow appeared to Sir Bruce of Avalon first when he was sleeping in the forest. His loyal hound Max was standing guard. When Bruce woke up, a young girl was sitting there petting Max. Max was happily looking up into her eyes.

She said, ‘I like your dog. What is his name?’

After Sir Bruce replied, she said, ‘My name is Willow. I am looking for my father, the woodcutter. He is lost. I saw where they took him but I am too frightened to rescue him. There are… Things in the forest… Evil things… I am too small to fight them but you are a knight. Can you help me save my father?’

Bruce fought to save her father but it turned out to be a ruse. Sir Bruce did destroy the evil plants and spiders that had infested part of the dryad’s forest, however. She apologized for tricking him and rewarded his efforts by bringing him to The Lady of the Lake who gifted him with Talon.



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