Sir Bruce of Avalon

Roger_of_Avalon.pngSir Bruce has been sent by his high holiness Reginald DeBarnay, Cardinal of Tyr, to investigate reports of unrest from the Village of Tommen at the end of the King’s Road. It is a small community of farmers and miners living on the edge of the civilized world. The Village of Tommen is known for its salt. The salt mined from Tommen is rose colored and has a salty sweet taste that is much prized by merchants and chefs. Word has come to the capital city of Tremblant that folk have gone missing including the daughter of a preeminent scholar named Bressard Montaine who runs an observatory in town. Sir Bruce is to travel to the village of Tommen in the name of Tyr and investigate the strange goings on and find the missing townsfolk. He is to use his authority as a holy emissary of the church of Tyr to destroy any evil that might be trying to take hold in the village.

Knights of Tethyr

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