Adrick Demolith

Human Male Cultist - aka 'The Collector' - decased


Human man wearing black robes.


Adrick was encountered in a large room in a devil cult temple. Upon entering his lair, he was standing at the foot of a huge machine of some kind attached to the body of a human female. He spoke:

Well, well… So you have arrived at last? Bressard Montaine said you would be coming. But it has been so long I thought the Whore Devils had eaten the flesh from your faces. Thank goodness your skin seems to be intact and in excellent condition. You both will make fine additions to my collection. I have specimens from across the Realms. You will have the honor of being a part of it. I am truly envious of you.

Adrick was slain in the Battle of The Collection Room.

Adrick Demolith

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