Rashid Al-Hassan

Human Male Gambler


A tall human man with tanned skin, rakish good looks, and a clean puffy white shirt. He speaks with a thick Calishite accent.


Rashid hails from Calimshan to the south of Tethyr across the great sands of the Calim desert. He is currently staying at The End of the Road Inn as he passes through The Village of Tommen. He recently met Desta Triss here in Tommen and the two have really become a couple it seems as she is never far from his side. The two are inseparable.

Rashid knows that a few people have gone missing from town. He thinks that the woods girl (Felicity Briarpatch) is to blame. She is clearly a witch who has done something terrible to Lady Persephone Montaine.

Desta Triss scoffs at this. Felicity Briarpatch? She’s no witch just ask her brother Kip. You don’t like her because she wouldn’t share your bed that night.

Rashid scowls. ‘Who could trust a women who would pass up this?’ He smiles roguishly. ‘But I tell you there is something about that girl that is not right.’ Rashid grabs Desta around the waist and the two begin to kiss passionately as if they were all alone.

Bart Kent scowled at them, ‘’Oh sweet Sune above, they are at it again. Can’t you two let an old man drink in peace without all that ass grabbin’.


Rashid Al-Hassan

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