Goblin Prisoner


Small but crafty looking goblin.


Blix is the son of Blort, the Goblin Chief. Blix was taken captive by Warden Duthane when Duthane made the deal with the goblin king to take Persephone Montaine hostage and imprison her in the goblin caves. Duthane paid off the goblins with Bressard Montaine’s valuable emeralds but in addition to make sure nothing bad happened to Persephone, Duthane took Blix with him to keep Blort honest and to make sure he would hold up his end of the deal.

Blix was encountered in the hidden devil cult temple prisons. The Knights of Tethyr found him in a cage in a torture room.

Psst.. Careful… Careful… One more step and they will know you are here. You can’t see them but they are there. Please you must free me. Some stupid knight killed Blort so they don’t need me anymore. They are going to give me to Adrick. I don’t want to be part of the collection. Please let me go. I will do anything. I will tell you secrets… I know secrets…

He warned them of the evil that lurked in the room. Sir Bruce wanted to ignore him, but Octavius parlayed with Blix and bartered what information he could including the following:

1. This prison is guarded by 2 powerful beings: Godrick and Barakas
Godricksad… so sadThey make him do things he doesn’t want to do. Powerful magic he has and a fiery sword. I fear Godrick more than Barakas but both are deadly opponents.

BarakasA devil who wraps himself in chains. He makes the chains come alive. Don’t look at his face… never look at his face.

2. The Two Human Prisoners – The two humans are from The Village of Tommen. They are some of the last prisoners left alive . They just took Dunlavey. He seemed important but I doubt he’s still alive. They do terrible things to folk down here. I don’t understand it. I just want to leave.

3. Blix – Son of the Goblin Chief Blort
Blort made a deal with Warden Duthane. Pretty emeralds in exchange for keeping some pretty human girl captive. She was not to be touched or harmed though. I was taken as a hostage to keep my father honest and sticking to the deal. Then some stupid knight killed my Dad and I became expendable so they threw me in here. Luckily Duthane only talks about Desta Triss now. Apparently he has her here somewhere. So he has thankfully forgotten about me. But Adrick wants me for his collection.

4. Other Side of the Door – Adrick Demolith and his collection of dead things. He’s mad… completely mad! He says he doesn’t have a goblin in his collection. He needs me for The Collection but I don’t want to go.

Blix was freed by Sir Bruce and Octavius. Sir Bruce tried to convince the goblin to fight against the cultists but Blix would have none of it. He was happy to be alive and would leave the fighting to the knights. He ran off into the woods in search of his people.


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