Bressard Montaine

Scholar in Tommen Observatory and Town Elder - deceased


A well dressed very rich looking fellow, Bressard Montaine carries himself as a noble would even though his titles are from his scholarly works instead of his birth.


Bressard Montaine is a scholarly man who runs an observatory in the Village of Tommen. He lives in the observatory with his daughter Persephone Montaine.

Sir Bruce breakfasted with Bressard one morning and found him to be a rather aloof academic. He also certainly seemed to be from a family with means. The observatory was very finely decorated with accents of emeralds on many fine pieces of art. He also has under his employ several guards.

Bressard was hopeful that Sir Bruce could return his daughter safely to the observatory. Warden Duthane was working the case, but Bressard believes that the more people looking for his daughter there are the better her chances of coming home safe. Bressard has offered Sir Bruce 500 GP worth of emeralds for the safe return of his daughter.

Sir Bruce learned that Bressard has a telescope on the third floor of his observatory and uses it every night to look at the stars. He relocated to The Village of Tommen because of its location near the mountains. In all of Tethyr, it has the least cloud cover at night due to the unique geography. Every night he has an excellent view of the heavens. Sir Bruce asked if he could see the telescope some evening and Bressard agreed.

Bresard is the mastermind behind a devil worshiping cult in The Village of Tommen. Warden Duthane is also involved. Bressard has a magical portal in his observatory which connects to a devil shrine where he and Duthane sacrifice folk to various devils to gain power.

The Knights of Tethyr battled with Bressard when they assaulted his devil cult secret temple. Bressard was slain in the battle. After his death, his seat on the council of town elders was taken up by Sir Bentley Dunlavey.

Bressard Montaine

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