Filthy Granny Toadspittle

A Blood Hag of The Great Weldath Forest


An old human crone with sunken eyes and missing teeth. Her wispy grey hair is tied into two braids that dangle out from under her hooded brownish green tattered cloak. Her bent over form is supported by a staff she carries that has multiple candles affixed to the top and a live snake which slithers and coils around its base.


Filthy Granny Toadspittle is an evil hag of The Great Wealdath Forest. The Three Sisters told The Knights of Tethyr about her. She tends The Gulthias Tree and has been spreading its seeds further and further abroad. She also cursed the Satyr Pril into a female form and stole his enchanted pipes. She is the daughter of the vampire lord Gulthias and his consort Beatrix.

Filthy Granny Toadspittle

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