Graldrog The Mighty

Hobgoblin Warlord


Graldrog is a large and imposing hobgoblin. He is well equipped with meticulously polished plat armor and weapons. His calm demeanor and well thought actions are extremely disturbing to his enemies.


Graldrog leads a war clan of Hobgoblins in the Wealdath Forest. After some altercations with the townsfolk of Oakhurst, Graldrog =signed a truce with Mayor Thadius Moonsong. That peace was broken when Sir Mallory Marsdale moved his logging operations inside the Hobgoblin Clan’s territory. Graldrog responded with a devastating attack on the logging operations killing most of the men and taking the nobles for ransom.

The Knights of Tethyr witnessed the aftermath of the battle and tracked the hobgoblins down and confronted them. After failed negotiations, a battle broke out between The Knights of Tethyr and Graldrog and his war clan.

Graldrog The Mighty

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