Vampire Lord - deceased


A handsome and well put together vampire lord who looked more human noble than vampire lord.


The party learned of Gulthias from Lady Lymera and The Three Sisters:

Long ago a Vampire Lord named Gulthias rose to power in the Wealdath alongside his consort the red hag Beatrix. With the power of the fey and the undead, the couple ruled most of the Wealdath forest from their seat of power – NightFang Spire. Gulthias and Beatrix were slain by a mighty hero to bring an end to their reign.

Gulthias and Beatrix had a child. Their spawn was the only one to survive the fall of NightFang Spire. And she grew to be known as Filthy Granny Toadspittle, the Blood Hag of the Wealdath, who lives on nurturing the Gulthias Tree.


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