Jarik Goth

One Armed Dwarf who owns the Tommen Salt Mine


A wealthy well dressed dwarf with only one arm. His left arm ends in a brace from the elbow down.


Jarik owns the Salt Mine of The Village of Tommen. The prized salt has made him a wealthy fellow. However, the recent trouble with the mine has forced him to close it down.

Jarik went to Warden Duthane for help but he said it was my mine so it was my problem. I am a businessman not a fighting man. My men are miners not warriors. I need help.

Some sort of vile misshapen humanoids have taken over the mine. He has seen goblins, orcs, and the like but these are different they are not goblinkin. They look like men but they have no eyes and are twisted and misshapen. Jarik would like to hire someone to get back his mine. Jarik offered 500 GP to Sir Bruce to clean out the mine and make it safe again.

Jarik is also one of the Tommen Town Elders. He sits on the Council of Elders as the oldest amongst them at he ripe old age of 283.


Jarik Goth

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