Jarius Dronk

Human Male Proprietar of Oakhurst General Store


A tall man with slicked back black hair and a well trimmed goatee. He is very well dressed in the style of the Tethyrian nobility.


Jarius runs the general store in the village of Oakhurst. He moved to Oakhurst a few years ago from Castle Tethyr. He says that he has connections there which bring lots of excellent provisions to his store. Most of his goods have moved through town from the roads to the west. But now that the old king’s road to the south is opened up again, he looks forward to Tommen salt and other goods coming through town. Sir Bruce made a good impression on Jarius. Jarius offered him a discount on his goods in the store. The Oakhurst General Store is well stocked with rope, farming tools, seeds, and almost any nonmagical item or equipment.

Jarius Dronk

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