Kip Briarpatch

Stableboy at the End of the Road Inn


A young human lad of 15 or so years with shoulder length stringy red hair.


Kip runs the stables at The End of the Road Inn in The Village of Tommen. He likes horses and he loves climbing trees. Kip is new to being a stableboy. It seems he still has a lot to learn. Orion Endar hired Kip on fairly recently when the lad lost both his parents.

Sir Bruce taught Kip some of the finer points involved in caring for horses and doing his job right.

Kip’s older sister is Felicity Briarpatch. The two are on good terms. In fact. Many of the townsfolk go through him to speak with her since they are afraid of her.

Orion Endar was friends with Kip’s parents. Kip’s mother was accused of witchcraft and shortly thereafter both his parents disappeared. Orion felt bad for the boy and gave him a job tending horse at his inn. He keeps him with a roof over his head and consistently well fed.


Kip Briarpatch

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