Octavius Mort

Paladin of Hoar - Sam's Character


Human Male Paladin of Hoar. Clad all in black with black plate mail and hood drawn over to hide his face, Octavius Mort is a unique looking fellow. He often has a black raven perched on his shoulder. And he always is gripping his huge long axe – TitanCleaver – The Green Scythe which is an impressive weapon indeed.


Octavius never knew his parents; he is not even sure if he is an orphan. Since a young age he was always filled with a heightened sense of equal treatment. After being raised on the streets of Waterdeep , he was taken in by an order of monks who tried to teach him to control his emotions with corporeal punishment. Octavius was pushed too far. One day and he snapped, his anger at his mistreatment finally pushed him over the edge. Coupled with his physical prowess, he severely hurt a number of monks. The monks, although strict, took pity on him and rather send him to jail or a penal colony dispatched him in the care of Sir Jack Thirston, a local warlord as a squire. He thrived under the rigor and training of Thirston and rose up the ranks. He also came to appreciate the teachings of Hoar, the god of retribution, having come into contact with Hoar’s followers in The North, The Hunters of Vengeance. The warlord had a daughter named Sabrina Thirston with whom he fell in love with but because he was not of noble birth, he could not marry her. But they had a secret romance for years as Octavius was under the employ of her father. Sabrina loved birds – falcons, owls, ravens, etc. and had quite and affinity to them. When they were together they would often train birds together.

King Haedrak of Tethyr hired Sir Jack Thirston‘s warband to help his kingdom battle Pirate Raiders from the Nelanther Isles. So Thirston’s entire warband along with Octavius and Sabrina made the trip to Tethyr by ship from Waterdeep sailing down the sword coast. Thirston made a quite an impression on the King and was instrumental in repelling the Pirates putting him in the King’s good graces. To solidify this relationship, however, Sir Jack Thirston married his daughter Sabrina to a Tethyrian Nobleman in the King’s inner circle named Sir Mallory Marsdale. Sabrina was to go live in Castle Tethyr with her new husband and would most likely never see Octavius again. In their final meeting, Sabrina gifted Octavius the wild Raven they had trained together to remember her by. The marriage caused a falling out between Sir Jack Thirston and Octavius. The heartbroken Octavius left Sir Jack Thirston’s service and took to the road.

Octavian quickly found his way inland along the King’s Road. A visit to Twin Falls Keep brought him in contact with the Lord of the castle, Duke Eltan Falconhand. Duke Eltan told him of the rogue knight Sir Darius Black who had been plaguing the simple folk in the outskirts of the kingdom beyond his reach. Reports of robbery, killing, and rape were rampant amongst his highwaymen. Duke Eltan requested that Black and his men be paid Mornay’s Wages for their crimes. He also told Octavian about Sir Bruce of Avalon being in Tommen and that he was a good and valiant man who would be a trusted ally in the fight against Black.

Octavius has wound up in Tommen after he encountered a bandit who tried to kill him in his sleep, begged for his life and told him of his brethren residing in these parts. Octavius then killed him. Follow the blood.

Octavius has little regard for nobles or those who abuse their station over others who are powerless. He is virulently anti-tyrrannical and will stop at nothing to punish those who impose their will unjustly on the weak. Octavius has wandered the North as a member of The Hunters of Vengeance, a loosely affiliated group of Hoar holy men, mostly paladins, dedicated to bringing down those who think they are above the law. They roam the North meeting out their retribution in the name of Hoar. But Octavius is the consummate loner with the road his sole companion. He is charismatic but gruff, sardonic. He doesn’t name his horse, even though they have been through many battles together. He is merely called “horse.” Even the Raven given to him by Sabrina Thirston he simply refers to as “Raven”.

Octavius Mort

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