Old Man Barleycorn

Mess Sergeant of Twin Falls Keep


Portly and Old Human Male. The smell of sausage and bacon hangs on him like a fine cologne.


Chef Barleycorn was once a guard under Duke Eltan’s command. But he proved to be more skilled with a meat cleaver and spatula than he was with a longsword and a crossbow. Duke Eltan recognized this and promoted him to Mess Sergeant. As such he cooks and serves all the food for those who live in Twin Falls Keep.

Old man Barleycorn cooked for Sir Bruce of Avalon during his brief stay at Twin Falls Keep. When he learned Sir Bruce was headed to The Village of Tommen, he asked Sir Bruce to look into bringing back some of the Salt the village is known for. The going rate is 5 CP per pound, but Barleycorn is so keen on getting some that he is willing to pay 5 GP per pound for as much as Sir Bruce can bring to the keep.


Old Man Barleycorn

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