Orion Endar

Proprieter of Tommen Inn and Town Elder


A finely dressed man who seems well put together, thoughtful, and with a head for business.


Orion owns The End of the Road Inn in The Village of Tommen. He took in Kip and hired him on as a stableboy when his parents disappeared. He also employs Brandy Perkins as his barmaid and Lomar Navarth as his cook.

Sir Bruce can get a room for 10 silver coins a day – includes lodging, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Orion is fond of Kip. He took the boy in when his parents disappeared. Orion is scared of Kip’s sister Felicity Briarpatch – wants to keep her brother away from her. She may well be a witch. He has seen her cast spells.

Warden Duthane keeps the peace in Tommen but his anger sometimes gets the better of him especially when it comes to Desta Triss. When she left him, it broke the man’s heart to be sure. I’m not sure he will ever get over it.

Such a shame what happened to Brandy Perkins. She used to be the town gossip. Always sticking her nose into everyone’s business. That woman could talk your ear off. Then one day I found her face down on the floor behind the bar – unconscious and blood pouring out of her mouth. Someone had cut the tongue right out of her mouth. Kip ran off and brought his sister -Felicity Briarpatch. He insisted she could help. She stuffed poor Brandy’s mouth full of herbs and waved her hand over her head speaking some strange words I never heard before. Whatever she did stopped the bleeding and probably saved Brandy’s life but she’s never been the same since. Warden Duthane investigated the incident but never caught whoever did it.


Orion Endar

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