Persephone Montaine

Daughter of Bressard Montaine


Young human female with long silver hair.


Persephone lives in her father Bressard Montaine’s observatory in The Village of Tommen. Recently she was kidnapped by goblins while picking day lilies down by the creek.

Sir Bruce tracked the goblins back to their lair off the old king’s road beyond the broken bridge. He found Persephone chained up in a room with high quality manacles with an intricate lock. They seemed far beyond the ken of goblincraft. Sir Bruce released her with a key he found on Blort, the goblin chief.

Sir Bruce asked Persephone about the day she was kidnapped. Persephone said she remembers picking the flowers on a fine sunny day down by the creek when she heard something moving through the water behind her. She turned to look and saw a man wearing a purple mask who suddenly swung a rock from overhead and struck her upon the head. When she woke up she was in a cell in the goblin warrens. A goblin comes every so often to check on her and feed her. She was worried that she would be tortured or killed or worse. But she reported that the goblins have actually not harmed her in any way.


Persephone Montaine

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