Pip Alulin

Female Gnome Cleric - Tends the Shrine of Silvanus in Oakhurst


A short forest gnome who wears earth tones and forest greens. She carries a bow and a short sword and wears the holy symbol of her deity – Silvanus. Her long dirty blond hair often falls in front of her face. Her pointed ears poke through her hair and her piercing green eyes look older than her years.


Pip tends to the shrine of Silvanus in Oakhurst. She knows the forests of the Wealdath well. She was interested in the The Knights of Tethyr’s quest to find and destroy the Gulthias Tree. She offered her help in the form of offering to sell spell scrolls of her making for paladin spells that are on her cleric list as well.

Here is what she is offering:

1st Level – 50 GP per spell scroll
Cure Wounds
Detect Evil/Good
Detect Magic
Detect Poison and Disease
Protection from Evil and Good
Purify Food and Drink
Shield of Faith

2nd Level – 150 GP per spell scroll
Lesser Restoration
Locate Object
Protection from Poison
Zone of Truth

3rd Level – 250 GP per spell scroll
Dispel Magic
Magic Circle
Remove Curse

Pip Alulin

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