Raquel Richards

Cattle Rancher and Town Elder in Tommen


No one ever forgets meeting Raquel Richards. She strikes an intimidating figure to be sure. At 6 feet 5 inches she towers over most men and is always impeccably dressed in the latest outlandish Waterdavian styles. Her dresses are always high cut revealing her incredibly long legs and her tops are always cut low to reveal as much cleavage as possible.


Originally from Waterdeep, Raquel came to The Village of Tommen 10 years ago to make her fortune. She bought up large tracts of land, imported Sembian cattle, and made a lucrative Cattle Ranching Business. A self made woman and very wealthy, Raquel also sits on the Council of Elders. She is said to never wear the same outfit twice.

Raquel was asked to join the council of elders recently after the disappearance of Sir Bentley Dunlavey. She accepted of course and has been using it as a platform to try and push Tommen towards more trade.

Raquel Richards

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