Sir Bentley Dunlavey

Noble Man Trying to Make Something of Tommen


Sir Bentley Dunlavey is the cousin of Duchess Fiona Falconhand. Sir Bruce of Avalon has been sent to the The Village of Tommen with a sealed letter from Duchess Fiona Falconhand with instructions to deliver the message to him.

Sir Bentley Dunlavey has made a home for himself in The Village of Tommen over the last 10 years. He has been investing in the the salt mine of Jarik Goth, several trading companies, and several farms all based in Tommen and has been a real infusion of capital and energy. He was a vocal leader of the community sitting upon the Council of Elders. Recently, however, he has disappeared. Raquel Richards has been asked to take his place on the council.

Sir Bentley Dunlavey

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