Sir Jack Thirston

Warlord of the North


Sir Jack Thirston is the leader of a war band that operated out of Waterdeep in the North. Octavius Mort was in the employ of Sir Jack Thirston for many years starting out as a squire and moving up through the ranks. Thirston’s War Band was hired by an emissary of King Haedrak of Tethyr to help fight against Pirate raiders from the Nelanther Isles who had been raiding the kingdom for years. Thirston’s Warband has been instrumental in counterattacking the pirates.

As a noble from Waterdeep, Sir Jack Thirston decided to marry his daughter Sabrina Thirston to a Thethyrian Lord by the name of Sir Mallory Marsdaleto help cement his status with King Haedrak. This decision forced Sabrina apart from her lover Octavius Mort who was not of noble birth and unable to marry her.

Octavius Mort has left Thirston’s service and moved deeper into the Tethyr Kingdom to seek out injustice where he may find it. But Thirston continues to lead his men against pirates all along the Sword Coast of Tethyr.

Sir Jack Thirston

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