Sir Darius Black

Rogue Knight and Brigand


A tall man in full plate armor. He seems well trained, but his armor and weapons are a bit worn and look as though they have not seen the smith for some time.


Sir Bruce met Sir Darius Black while traveling along the Old King’s Road beyond Twin Falls Keep. He claimed to be under the command of Duke Eltan Falconhand but then attacked Sir Bruce with a band of highwaymen. Sir Bruce slew most of the highwaymen and severely injured Sir Darius forcing him to flee the field. He rode southwest from the crossroads to find safe haven in Graveth’s Fort. Sir Bruce followed him to the fort but found it was too well defended by ballista and too many men. So Sir Bruce withdrew to continue on to The Village of Tommen. But Sir Bruce has made note of Sir Darius Black’s treachery and vowed to learn more about him and return when he is in a position to deliver Tyr’s justice.

On a return visit to Twin Falls Keep, Sir Bruce discussed Sir Darius with Duke Eltan Falconhand and learned the following:

Sir Darius Black was truly a knight of Twin Falls Keep under the command of Duke Eltan Falconhand. However, he never came back from a patrol that he was leading north of the keep. After hearing about the occupation an old abandoned fort called Graveth’s Fort and learning that he and his men have built it up and attracted many local brigands to rob and pillage nearby farmers, Duke Eltan is furious. The Duke has granted Sir Bruce the authority to apprehend or slay Sir Darius for his crimes.


Sir Darius Black

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