Sven the Stableboy

Stableboy for Twin Falls Keep


A young handsome human lad with finely chiseled features. Sven is soft spoken and gentle.


Sven keeps to himself and minds the horses of Twin Falls Keep. He takes good care of them and is well respected by the knights of the Keep. While visiting Twin Falls Keep, Sir Bruce of Avalon met Sven and left his hound Max and his steed Leadbelly in Sven’s care. The stableboy took excellent care of both. He polished all of Leadbelly’s barding, rubbed down all the leather tack, and brushed out the hair of both animals.

Apparently there is a relationship of some sort between Sven and Lady Lymera. It is certainly physical because on his first evening in the Keep, Sir Bruce accidentally surprised the two getting busy in the stables. Sir Bruce does not know if the relationship is a secret or not, but he is assuming so considering discretion is the better part of valor.


Sven the Stableboy

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