The Three Sisters

A Trio of Female Fey Creatures


Three fey sisters that inhabit The Wealdath forest. They appear as incredibly beautiful elf like females. A blond sister who looks very elf like. An auburn haired sister with gossamer faerie like wings can use them to fly. A black haired sister who wears a black leather headdress and thigh high boots.


The Three Sisters rule some of the deepest fey places within the Wealdath Forest of Tethyr. The Knights of Tethyr were brought before them after they were attacked by a Lorelei and her Harpy minions. The dryad Laurel witnessed the attack and recognized Sir Bruce of Avalaon as the champion of The Lady of the Lake. Laurel fetched her dryad friend Willow who was friends of Sir Bruce and the two dryads brought the party before The Three Sisters for faerie justice.

After hearing of what had befallen them, the three sisters brought Sir Bosmer back to life and invited the party to swim in the restorative pool in their grove which afforded them the following properties:

1. All hit points of damage were healed
2. Al levels of exhaustion were removed
3. A permanent +2 to their CON was added (to a max of 22)

In addition all of the party’s steeds were brought back to life and became fey touched – doubling their HP.

The 3 Sisters also introduced the party to the cursed Satyr Pril. Sir Bruce vowed to the 3 Sisters that he would destroy the original Gulthias Tree and return Pril’s stolen pipes to him to help break the curse.

The Three Sisters

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