Warden Duthane

Law Man for The Village of Tommen


A grizzled veteran of a man complete with the battle scars on his face to prove it. Duthane is gruff and no nonsense. He wears plate mail that is as old and battered as his face.


Warden Duthane is the law in The Village of Tommen. He keeps the peace, settles disputes, and maintains order. Occasionally he rustles up a posse of deputies consisting of farmers and other townsfolk who know how to fight. But most often he takes care of everything himself. Tommen is a small place and Warden Duthane likes it that way. His former lover Desta Triss has been spending a lot of time lately at The End of the Road Inn hanging around with that filthy Calishite Rashid Al-Hassann. Warden Duthane seems angry about this situation and does not think highly of Rashid.

On Sir Bruce’s First Visit to The End of the Road Inn:
Warden Duthane bursts into the The End of the Road Inn fuming and storms right over to the table where Rashid Al-Hassan and Desta Triss are sitting together. ‘I knew I would find you here. You whore!’

Desta: It’s over Duthane. It’s been over. I am with Rashid now. (She curls around him and reaches her hand into his puffy shirt to feel his chest.)

The tense moment seems like forever. Desta nuzzling her face into Rashid’s chest and Rashid and Duthane each staring intently into the other’s eyes. Duthane is seething with rage and Rashid is as cool as a cucumber. Duthane’s right hand is inching towards the longsword at his belt and Rashid’s right hand is inching toward the hilt of a rapier slung across his chair.

Sir Bruce stepped in to intervene and th etwo men paused Then Orion Endar showed up from the back room. And shouted ‘Warden Duthane. Rashid and Desta are both my guests at this Inn and I will have no fighting here. Please leave.’

Duthane scowled and turned abruptly around heading for the door he came in. He stopped noticing Sir Bruce seemingly for the first time. He stopped for a moment and scowled even deeper and stormed out of the Inn yelling, ’You’ll regret this you Harlot! You will beg to have me back!’

Sir Bruce found a purple scarf worn by the abductor of Persephone Montaine buried in the woods by Warden Duthane. When confronted with his involvement in the kidnappings and with the threat of being shackled, Duthane attacked Sir Bruce and somehow escaped the paladin using a magical device taken out of his dresser.

Sir Bruce has warned everyone of Warden Duthane’s involvement and to keep on the look out for him. Despite this he still remains at large and in whereabouts unknown.


Warden Duthane

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