Knights of Tethyr

Exploring Oakhurst

Trouble with Hobgoblins and Disapearing Girls

The Knights of Tethyr concluded their discussions with Constable Felosial Starsong in the jailhouse of Oakhurst. Felosial led them over to the granary to speak with the town’s mayor, Thadius Moonsong. But as they were crossing town, an old human woman came out of the Oakhurst General Store and approached Laska. She said to her, ‘You shouldn’t be here, my dear. Oakhurst is cursed. You might disappear like the others.’

Felosial looked sternly at the old woman, ’That’s enough, Louisa. No more of that talk. On your way.’ Sir Bruce tried to get the woman to speak more of what she had said, but Louisa looked fearfully at Felosial and slowly moved away. Felosial looked around as if trying to spot some hidden foe and whispered, ‘All will be explained Sir Bruce. Please let us speak with the Mayor.’



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