Master Treasure List

Sir Bruce of Avalon Current Coinage:
Gold Coins = 3008

Octavius Mort
Gold Coins = 3039

Laska Jendelle
Gold Coins = 3200

Twin Falls Keep
used one potion of healing
The Chalice of the Sun – jousting tournament prize
Potion of Hill Giant Strength -gift from Lady Lymera – used
Herbalist Book with notes and sample containers – Lady Lymera

Fey Blessings
In the egg chamber: 1400 CP, 900 SP, and 80 GP, 9 amethysts worth 10 GP each.
Potion of Greater Healing
Potion of Climbing
Potion of Hill Giant Strength

The End of the Road Inn
10 SP for room and meals

Jarik Goth offered 500 GP if Sir Bruce could the salt mine safe.

Bressard Montaine offered 500 GP worth of emeralds for the safe return of his daughter, Persephone.

The Standing Stones
Sir Bruce gave Felicity Briarpatch 10 GP for plant samples to bring to Lady Lymera.

200 GP spent on 3 potions of healing and 2 antitoxins.

Goblins and Wargs – 6 GP

Goblins in Trees – 11 GP

Forest Marauder Ogre – 53 GP, 4 bolts of Sembian cloth, 1 box of Tommen Pink Salt, Saddle of the Cavalier

The Hidden Cave – Goblin Lair
20 GP, 103 SP, Wolfsbane sample for Lady Lymera
Ornate Chest – 50 emeralds worth 10 GP each.
Large Emerald worth 500 GP that glows green
4 sets of high quality manacles with a key to the complex lock (DC 20 to pick)

Bressard Montaine rewarded Sir Bruce for the safe return of his daughter Persephone Montaine – Five 100 GP Emeralds

Purchased Potion of Healing, Potion of Greater Healing, and Potion of Fire Breath from Felicity Briarpatch for a total of 650 GP.

The Plundering Madness
Heward’s Haversack – Octavius
Inferno – The Spear of Immolation – Sir Bruce
Scroll of Protection from Undead – Octavius
Spell Scrolls: dispel magic, lightning bolt, identify, magic missile, invisibility, detect magic – Octavius
Potions: Fire Resistance, Electricity Resistance, Fire Giant Strength – Sir Bruce
Pearl of Power – Octavius
Ring of Water Walking – Sir Bruce

705 cp, 8,390 sp, 2,700 gp, 80 pp

Carved Bone Statue of a naked drow woman – 25 GP
Black Velvet Mask Stitched with silver string – 25 GP
Silver Ewer – 25 GP
Golden Fine Robes – 25 GP
Silver Mirror set in a wooden frame – 50 GP
Chest of 50 emeralds = 10 GP each

Maps and Charts of the Sunless Sea in the Underdark showing the locations of Mzfelt and Oryndoll.

Captain Flense Shagath – captain’s log

Purchased 2 Potions of Greater Healing from Felicity Briarpatch for 100 GP each.

The Observatory:
2 Potions of Healing
2 Potions of Greater Healing
Spell Scroll of Bless
4 Cold Iron Pentagram Necklaces with inset Topaz

Whore Devils of Fierna and Cultists
3 Potions of Healing
2 Potions of Greater Healing
250 GP
3 Cold Iron Pentagram Necklaces with inset Topaz
2 Cold Iron Pentagram Necklaces with inset Sapphire

Adrick Demolith and The Collection Room
4 Potions of Greater Healing (2 for Sir Bruce 2 for Octavius)
Potion of Invulnerability
Potion of Longevity
Potion of Speed
Spell Scrolls: bless, command, zone of truth, lesser restoration, remove curse, revivify
3 Cold Iron Pentagram Necklaces with inset Emerald

Bressard Montaine and The Devil Worship Temple
wand of magic detection – Sir Bruce
400 emeralds worth 10 GP each
Amulet of Health – a rare item requiring attunement that granted its wearer a 19 CON. – Sir Bruce
Helm of Comprehending Languages. – Octavius
Ring of Spell Storing -a rare item requiring attunement – Sir Bruce

Sir Bruce purchased the following potions from Felicity:
4 anti-toxins (2 each),* fire breath* (Bruce), climbing (Octavius), fire resistance (Bruce), necrotic resistance (Octavius), and lightning resistance (Octavius). The total spent was 1300 GP. Felicity also thanked them for the return of her parents by brewing two greater healing potions and giving Sir Bruce and Octavius each one of the potions as a gift.

Sir Bruce spent 75 GP on a riding horse for Laska Jendelle.

Graveth’s Fort
257 CP, 8560 SP, 1400 GP, 60 PP, 5 paintings worth 25 GP each, Box with 10 Emeralds worth 50 GP each. Arrowbreaker – enchanted shield (Sir Bruce)
Split 3 ways = 1,161 GP each

Twin Falls Keep
Duke Eltan Falconhand gifts Ironbiter – +2 unbreakable lance (Sir Bruce)
Lady Lymera gifts them Wand of Blight Detection (Octavius)
Bruce purchases Javelin + 2 for 5,000 GP
Octavius purchases Necklace of Prayer Beads for 5,000 GP (400 GP of help from Sir Bruce)
Octavius trades spell scrolls of lightning bolt, magic missile, and invisibility for a Ring of Swimming
Laska purchases Dagger of Warning for 500 GP and Rapier + 1 for 500 GP

Felicity Briarpatch
Bruce purchases two potions of Greater Healing for 250 GP each – gives one to Laska and 1 to Octavius

Sir Bruce purchased two vials of antitoxin from Jarius Dronk in Oakhurst for 40 GP total.

Graldrog The Mighty
There was a sack of 734 CP, 7540 SP, 2112 GP, and 105 PP. There was also a chest with 2 Potions of Healing (Laska and Octavius) and 2 Potions of Greater Healing (Octavius and Sir Bruce). There were also 2 statues worth 100 GP each and a velvet lined box containing 50 rubies worth 100 GP each.

All Accounted for and Divided Up To Here

Master Treasure List

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