TitanCleaver - The Green Scythe

Crafted long ago by an ancient enclave of Netherese Wizards during their 100 year war with the Giant Empire, this two handed long axe (halberd) is made from the remains of an ancient green dragon. A green dragon claw was magically sharpened to a razor’s edge and fastened to a long pole consisting of hardened dragon bone and encrusted with dragon scales. The sharp point on the but-end is made from the dragon’s tooth.

The resulting weapon is quite something to behold. And it is very unique looking. Titan Cleaver’s past is storied with the slaying of many Giants. So much so that any giant seeing this weapon is likely to recognize it and have a very negative reaction to its owner.

Halberd + 1 Giant Slayer
+1 to hit and damage
Upon striking any giant type creature (including ettins and trolls) it deals an extra 2d6 dmg. and forces a DC 15 STR save or the giant falls prone
The wielder of Titan Cleaver gains the ability to speak, read, and understand the Giant language and is magically filled with confidence even during the most daunting of situations.


TitanCleaver - The Green Scythe

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